Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hello World! (originally published on May 12, 2012 as Michael Cairo "Write Now")

Heh heh heh... I always wanted to say that.
So, with that said, I would like to introduce: Myself. Hello back. I am quite well thank you.

Not a whole lot to post up about at the moment, (yes there is) as this is just a fine "How'd ya’-do" for the launch of this simple self-instructional blogging attempt. Themes, Backgrounds, and Content will evolve as this blogger learns the way of the blogosphere.

One thing is for certain: This small spot on the web will be this Writers outlet to inform, encourage, share and sample the wonderful world that is the Written Word.

I am a Wordsmith. I love words. I love putting them together in new ways, saying new things or creating whole worlds out of a pile of pure participles. Very much like a Potter, a Cooper, or a Wainwright creates useful objects and consumer commodities from raw materials. Oh wait!  I've got it! How 'bout: A Literary Husbandman. "He who doth reap bountiful scrivenage from fertile linguistic soil".

OK, that was weird... but still, if Purina®, Kellogg® or General Mills®  made a cereal out of words, they could call it: "Honey-Nut Dictionary Crunch" or "Cinnamon Toasted Hyperbole-O’s" and I'd eat them for breakfast. It really is that bad. (Or is that a good thing?)

Alphabet Soup you say? Nasty stuff. Comes in a can but I can't spell that well. I do have an immense grasp of the English vocabulary (and a finger on a few other languages and dialects), but, please don't ask me to spell "vocabulary".

There will be no scheduled posts, or time-frames to adjust to, just subscribe and wait for another wit-filled piece about writing in general to pop up on some feed or whatever you have, and enjoy!

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